Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Post

Hello everybody. 
This is the first post, so I want really be talking about anything special. Let's start about me? Basics... My name is Sara, I'm 14, and totally obsessed with music! And that's why I made this blog. I wanna post about anything that includes music. New songs, New albums, New videos, News, and so on. Everything i post, you guys probably know. My goal is not to inform you. Instead I'm gonna tell you my opinion, and give some weird facts about stuff. 
I'm gonna ask a lot of questions too, which I hope you guys will answer. Like what do you think? or what's your favorite pop song? and so on. And if you're lucky, you'll find your name and answer in the next post. That doesn't really make sense right now, but it will, i promise.
So please join this site, and share it with your friends! I would love that.
Love to all the music lovers out there.

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